Communicate & Influence Like a Partner with Kevin P. Coyne

Communicate & Influence Like a Partner with Kevin P. Coyne

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Kevin P. Coyne is a former director and co-leader of both McKinsey’s worldwide strategy practice and CEO transitions practice, and the host of The Consulting Offer II. He is also the founder of Coyne Scientific. Kevin attended the Harvard Business School after his junior year of college. He graduated from Rice University and Harvard simultaneously in 1978 and joined McKinsey directly.

Kevin was the youngest associate at McKinsey and one of the youngest principals appointed. During a 27 year career at McKinsey Kevin advised clients on a variety of issues and across a broad range of industries including banking, consumer goods, venture capital, industrial, telecommunications and the public sector. His primary area of focus was corporate strategy.

Kevin has been an active leader in civic roles throughout his career. He served as an Executive Assistant and sole policy advisor to the Deputy Secretary of the United States Treasury, the second ranking department official in the Reagan Administration. In that role he advised on Brazil’s economic growth, served as an intermediary between Britain and Argentina after the Falklands war and advised on opening Japan’s capital markets.

Kevin has co-written 6 Harvard Business Review articles, 12 McKinsey Quarterly articles and 2 bestselling business books, as well as many other articles across influential business publications.

Titans of Strategy is the marque program of for the next year. There are 8 seasons and they will be launched concurrently and, in some cases, simultaneously. We invited some of the most influential partners in the history of McKinsey, BCG et al to teach you concepts in strategy, leadership, marketing etc., that they have NEVER taught before, but used extensively in their careers. If you want to know how a partner thinks through critical issues, and want to follow this approach, this is the program to watch.

Each program is shot in HD and, in some cases, within some of the most iconic architectural landmarks. Every concept they teach is broken down into multiple steps so you may follow their thinking and ultimately replicate their approach.

The partners are candid and discuss life events and insights never shared before. This is a rare opportunity to learn from the partners who shaped McKinsey and BCG to be the firms they are today.

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Communicate & Influence Like a Partner with Kevin P. Coyne