Editors Choice

  • How to Reboot a Stalled Career

    1 season

    Bhavin was a 36 yr old EMBA graduate from a NE USA Top-10 program. He was on an H1B visa, with 2 kids and a wife. Having unsuccessfully pursued McKinsey during his studies, he joined the commercial division of a Bulge Bracket Bank. He believed he had “made it” when he eventually joined the bank’s...

  • How to become a McKinsey Partner, First Time Revealed

    1 season

    What does it really take to become a partner at an elite firm like McKinsey? Are brilliant insights sufficient? Does one need to publish books and write articles? In this candid training program Kevin P. Coyne reveals what it takes to become a partner at a storied firm like McKinsey. As you will ...

  • Bill Graca, Management Consultant at a Boutique Consulting Firm. Documentary

    1 season

    We recently started a new series “Firmsconsulting Insiders share their thoughts” where you will meet selected FC Insiders, learn from their experiences and what they found works and does not work to ensure they make the most of FC training. In this video documentary you will spend some time with ...

  • The Bill Matassoni Show

    1 season

    Remember to read Bill's new memoir on both the iOS and Android App stores. Search for "Bill Matassoni A Memoir"

    Bill Matassoni, the ex-McKinsey & BCG senior partner, who became partner in only 2 years, weaves together a captivating narrative on the swashbuckling role of the modern marketer. It...

  • How to Develop Big Insights

    1 season

    Michael became a partner in his late 20s. You can follow every engagement and his detailed journey in “Partnership. Memoir” and “Rebuilding a Consulting Practice.” Among other strengths highly valued by clients, he was known as an insight partner and had a reputation for developing new ways to so...

  • How to Find Great Mentors

    1 season

    All the McKinsey, BCG et al partners hosting our programs talk about the incredibly important mentors who shaped their careers. It is a consistent theme. In “How to Become a McKinsey Partner. 1st Time Ever Revealed” Kevin says that progress to the partnership comes down to an apprenticeship model...

  • Digital & IT Strategy Training Program

    1 season

    A corporate strategy and digital team helps this major national insurance company determine how to change their business model as customers demand real time premium adjustments and risk calculations based on data from iPhone, iWatch Apps, Fitbit etc.

    Insurance used to be a steady, boring and v...

  • The Start Up aka Building an Electric Car Company

    1 season

    The Electric Car Start Up

    We are attempting to build a real automotive business.
    We are attempting to establish all the technology and infrastructure that decision entails.

    Follow us as we co-launch, with Richard, a recent ex-MBB consultant and Firmsconsulting Case Coaching Alum, a start-u...

  • Competitive Strategy by Kevin P. Coyne

    1 season

    Kevin P. Coyne will reveal the unique approach he used to develop the competitive strategies for over 25 Fortune 500 CEO clients over a storied career at McKinsey & Company. This is the first time he will ever discuss his approach step-by-step for a worldwide audience.

    It is a unique and groun...

  • PS P1 The challenge in making partner

    1 season

    Part 1

    Firmsconsulting only works with the most eminent McKinsey, BCG et al. former senior partners. We remain the only platform in the world where you are mentored directly by partners. This program is about one partner's journey to director. It is candid, direct and relevant, and the program...

  • The Consulting Offer 2: 1 Partner Networking & Resume Feedback

    1 season

    The Consulting Offer Season 2 Part 1

    Watch Kevin P.Coyne, ex-McKinsey Director and Worldwide Strategy Practice Co-Leader, mentor and train Alice Qinhua Zhou and Michael Klein for their McKinsey and BCG case interviews. Alice successfully joined McKinsey NYC at the conclusion of the program.


  • TSU 1. Why launching a luxury start up is difficult

    1 season

    Part 1

    Learn alongside the program as we work with Tati, a Top-3 US MBA graduate, to co-found a profitable, significant and sustainable digital luxury brands start-up in just 2 years.

    This is a live program.

    Unlike our other programs, this is not self-paced. We design this as a program f...

  • Rebuilding a Consulting Practice

    1 season

    In this series we follow one partner, when in his mid-20s, as a senior associate, he changed offices and led the turnaround of the strategy practice across multiple weaker offices by first rebuilding one office’s stature on the back of a landmark operations engagement. It was scary, difficult and...