How to be Influential & Make an Impact, with ex-McK Senior Partner Kevin Coyne

How to be Influential & Make an Impact, with ex-McK Senior Partner Kevin Coyne

23 Episodes

A powerful, and incredibly emotional, program with Kevin P. Coyne recorded for his beautiful little daughter, who makes a guest appearance, for her to view when she is around age 25. Kevin is concerned he may not be around to give this advice in person.

What is the advice successful and powerful people offer their children? What is the advice they share behind closed doors? What is the advice they offer to the people they love? What is the advice they hope to pass to the next generation? This is often different from the advice shared to the public. This is the advice that matters and it is rare to find such a candid and emotional discussion.

In this program Kevin reveals the advice he hopes his daughter to have one day when she navigates the world. Some may consider this a program about love, leadership or mentorship. It is about influence and making a difference in the world.

It is a unique and groundbreaking program sharing insights not available anywhere else. Where else do some of the most successful partners in the history of McKinsey, BCG et al, share their most important advice? This program should be used alongside our other programs on insights, early stages of building a reputation, selling consulting work as an associateand senior manager, and selling within a boutique firm.

We are starting the release with Q&As. The first 10 Q&As have been released:

1. How long did it take to prepare the course?
2. Modules that stand out
3. Some of the advice is dark. How did it come about?
4. How to implement what was taught
5. Do I need a mentor?
6. Who is the target audience for this program?
7. Why these lessons are hard to internalize and apply
8. How do I know if I am able to project confidence and seniority?
9. How do I become better?
10. How do I make this a habit?

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This is the fourth of 8 “Titans of Strategy” training programs we are releasing to be led by some of the most influential former partners in the history of BCG & McKinsey.

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How to be Influential & Make an Impact, with ex-McK Senior Partner Kevin Coyne