How To Manage a Crisis

How To Manage a Crisis

3 Episodes

Our clients are always facing crises and catastrophes somewhere in the world. From the corona virus to earthquakes, wildfire evacuations and more. And they always write to us about their immediate plans to manage the situation. What we find is that they almost always take actions that damage their careers and hurt their lives. They let external factors, the media narrative and their social network influence them to make poor choices that handicap their lives. Often severely.

They don't realize that the biggest, fastest and most sustainable way to transform one’s life and career is to leverage a crisis. Don't run from a crisis. Run into a crisis. In this fast-paced and very practical program with numerous examples, we present a blueprint that any client anywhere in the world can apply in those few weeks during a crisis to dramatically improve their careers.

Part 1: Think
Why a crisis is an opportunity.
Why a crisis is the ultimate opportunity
8 important ways to think about a crisis
6 examples of transforming careers in a crisis

Part 2: Plan
2 important strategies
What is more important than the work
Why relationships developed in a crisis are different
Preparing to return to work

Part 3: Act
3 important mindset tasks to stay motivated
6 steps to change your career in this short period

This program is based on the experiences of our most successful clients whom we have mentored through many similar situations.

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How To Manage a Crisis