Insights from Coaching & TCO

Insights from Coaching & TCO

4 Episodes

Firmsconsulting maintains an unprecedented 80% placement rate for BCG & McKinsey. That means 80% of all our clients join these two firms and we have a reputation for taking on the toughest clients. For example, the oldest consultants to join both McKinsey and BCG are former clients. The first person to ever join McKinsey after 5 consecutive years of maternity leave is a client. The first person with a <2.1 GPA to join McKinsey is a client. The list goes on. We achieve this rate since we ONLY use eminent former partners to groom and mentor our clients.

This series extracts and explains the proprietary and advanced techniques we use to train both our consulting case interview and executive clients. The latter occupy positions from senior management all the way to the board-level. It will include interviews with clients and detailed analyses of client profiles, learning patterns and eventual successes at McKinsey, BCG etc. and thereafter.

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Insights from Coaching & TCO
  • 4 TCO Joining McKinsey with a 2.1 GPA

    Episode 1

  • 3 TCO Client Interview: From Africa to MBB Europe

    Episode 2

    This phenomenally bright and talented lady shares her lessons of joining MBB Europe, while based in Africa, despite significant odds. She had no business background whatsoever, graduated from a non target school in a developing country, had never even heard of a consulting club and was previously...

  • 2 TCO Your Ego is Your Enemy

    Episode 3

    The build-up to TCO IV continues. Since this is the time of year when FC members are going to be negotiating salaries, attending interviews and anxiously making decisions we thought it is a good idea to once again reflect on ethics and values.

    At times like these many sometimes feel that if t...

  • 1 TCO How we achieved an 80% placement rate for McKinsey & BCG

    Episode 4

    We recently made changes to our programs that led to our placement rates for McKinsey and BCG rising to >80%. This episode explains what we did, despite taking on tougher clients who would have lowered our placement rate.