Mission to Mars Strategy Study

Mission to Mars Strategy Study

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Restructuring a national space agency to chase the significant goal of building a manned colony on the Red planet. This will be one of the most exciting training programs in management consulting. Like all our study programs, you will be able to watch detailed videos and power points teaching you how we conducted every single focus interview, planning step, analysis and engagement management step for this assignment, and view the final reports.

We will also include the proposal, pricing and amendments to the proposal.

This is Phase 1 of the study: the corporate strategy & restructuring planning.

It is an exciting and complex strategy restructuring study to reorganize a national space agency so that it can undertake the significant R&D and logistical challenges of building a manned colony on Mars.

How does a large company manage its R&D and planning costs to hit a significant goal in the future, knowing that the technology does not yet exist to hit that goal, yet the goal and the target date are set, and funding is not unlimited?

This is the quintessential problem facing any R&D intensive organization and it is the problem we will address.

You can watch the trailer for this study above.

In the Corporate Strategy & Transformation Study (Power Sector) we had to use a detailed understanding of the engineering of power stations to advise the client. This study takes that approach even further. We need to review, evaluate and make critical decisions on advanced rocketry and propulsion, life support, and re-entry and docking systems.

We need to decide which technologies are most promising and should be developed. This study is a great example of how management consulting merges with specialized engineering skills to develop better recommendations for clients.

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Mission to Mars Strategy Study