Nerses Nersisyan, Big 4 Partner

Nerses Nersisyan, Big 4 Partner

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In this video documentary you will spend some time with a great client of over 6 years, Nerses Nersisyan, and his close family. Nerses is a Big 4 partner and an exceptionally talented, successful and ambitious professional, with the right values.

He is a true role model.

We have watched him develop over the years and take on new responsibilities at his firm to become a true leader. It is Nerses who coined the phrase, "FC is like fight club. You never talk about fight club."

We hope by meeting our clients and learning from their experiences, you can increase the value from our library of training programs. Another reason we are introducing this series is we hope that every FC member will be able to find an FC Insider showcased in this series with whom they can particularly relate and learn from. For many members it is difficult to emulate a partner because the gap in development (and age difference) is so high. Meeting real FC Insiders who are closer to most members’ age and career development stage will hopefully help each member to find some practical advice, guidance, and inspiration that will make a material difference.

While we have an enormous amount of case interview videos, podcasts and articles, and continue to build that library, the largest part of FC & is the content for consultants, corporate managers and executives guiding them in solving complex problems to accelerate their careers and make a positive difference in the world. Clients like Nerses and Bill. FC content is streamed in over 150 countries around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Nerses Nersisyan, Big 4 Partner