Other Strategy Programs

  • How to Reboot a Stalled Career

    1 season

    Bhavin was a 36 yr old EMBA graduate from a NE USA Top-10 program. He was on an H1B visa, with 2 kids and a wife. Having unsuccessfully pursued McKinsey during his studies, he joined the commercial division of a Bulge Bracket Bank. He believed he had “made it” when he eventually joined the bank’s...

  • How to become a McKinsey Partner, First Time Revealed

    1 season

    What does it really take to become a partner at an elite firm like McKinsey? Are brilliant insights sufficient? Does one need to publish books and write articles? In this candid training program Kevin P. Coyne reveals what it takes to become a partner at a storied firm like McKinsey. As you will ...

  • How to Develop Big Insights

    1 season

    Michael became a partner in his late 20s. You can follow every engagement and his detailed journey in “Partnership. Memoir” and “Rebuilding a Consulting Practice.” Among other strengths highly valued by clients, he was known as an insight partner and had a reputation for developing new ways to so...

  • The Turnaround Program

    1 season

    In this study we help a state-owned entity that is essentially dying and preparing for a future where it possibly does not exist. Despite numerous consulting studies since the early 1990's to prepare for a dystopian postal future ravaged with the scourge of email and the rise of nimble upstarts l...

  • Rebuilding a Consulting Practice

    1 season

    In this series we follow one partner, when in his mid-20s, as a senior associate, he changed offices and led the turnaround of the strategy practice across multiple weaker offices by first rebuilding one office’s stature on the back of a landmark operations engagement. It was scary, difficult and...

  • 1st 90 Days in Consulting, follow Henri St-Pierre

    1 season

    Firmsconsulting trained Henri St-Pierre for his MBB internship and guided him through the entire summer.


    Henri received a full time offer to join the world’s most elite strategy firm.

    Watch us teach Henri in real-time everything need...

  • Business Case Analysis Guide

    5 seasons

    Learn the correct way to build business and benefits cases, complete financial analysis and financial modelling, and when to use bottom-up versus top-down analysis.

    A detailed video guide outlining the step-by-step approach to build a business case for any initiative at a company. Begins with ...