PS P3 Becoming a business analyst (BA)

PS P3 Becoming a business analyst (BA)

17 Episodes

Part 3

Firmsconsulting only works with the most eminent McKinsey, BCG et al. former senior partners. We remain the only platform in the world where you are mentored directly by partners. This program is about one partner's journey to director. It is candid, direct and relevant, and the program is presented by the partner.

He became a principal, one of the youngest at the time, and thereafter director before age 30. As far as we know, he is one of a handful of people at any firm to achieve this feat. What we hope to show you is that you need not be perfect to rise to the top. You just need to work hard, constantly learn, constantly adjust and try to do your very best with every single client.


In his first 3 years at the firm, as a business analyst, the future director was only promoted once. In the subsequent 3 years, and a few months, he was promoted 4 times. What happened?

This series will explore in detail the steps taken to accelerate his career. This series will also explain how the first 3 years laid the foundation for future promotions even though at the time it looked like no progress was being made. Understanding how he used the training from the first 3 years is therefore crucial.

How did he move so far ahead of my peers in such a short space of time? To a very large degree luck, timing and some very patient mentors played a role. In fact, he was mentored by the youngest partner in the firm at the time. Over 7 critical engagements, he was taught everything to know about strategy, critical thinking and the broader skills of a partner. We do not want to discount those elements. However, he did, over time, develop some unusual career strategies that are worth sharing. Even so, it took him a long time to agree to do this program because he is by nature a private person. Most FC followers would know this. Yet, several clients mentioned how useful his personal stories have been to them.

For example, when he mentors associates, EMs, principals and partners he always refer to his own experiences. And clients find those detailed case studies of specific events in his career very useful. They find them useful due to the enormous details he can go into, since these are things he actually did.

Therefore, we decided to capture everything in one place so a broader audience than his one-on-one clients can benefit.


The series will run chronologically covering the 7 titles/levels he held before he left the firm. The episodes in each title will be preceded by a discussion on the key themes/lessons that will recur throughout.

The program will also discuss critical roles he had such as redesigning the corporate strategy training program, his appointment to the operating committee, his subsequent appointment to the management committee and his role in the the firm’s efforts to help major global clients on critical strategy issues. The series will cover engagements from around the world including the emerging markets, USA, UK and Canada.

Business Analyst: Internal Research
Business Analyst: Engagements
Associate (first COO client)
Engagement Manager (first CEO client, rebuilding a practice)
Associate Principal (first US client)
Principal (appointment to MANCO)
Director (appointment to EXCO)

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PS P3 Becoming a business analyst (BA)