Rebuilding a Consulting Practice

Rebuilding a Consulting Practice

26 Episodes

In this series we follow one partner, when in his mid-20s, as a senior associate, he changed offices and led the turnaround of the strategy practice across multiple weaker offices by first rebuilding one office’s stature on the back of a landmark operations engagement. It was scary, difficult and no one asked him to do it. He saw an opportunity to do more for clients and the consultants, and did it. That is what changed his career and made him a partner in my late 20s. If that seems complicated, this program will explain it all and teach you how to do the same. The program is led by the partner.

This program covers just that period from associate to principal. He was promoted rapidly so this program covers a time period spanning under 2 years of his career. It is not a long period. You will see that a lot can happen in such a short space of time if you want to be productive. You can completely reboot your career. We will explain everything done. And he will document the failures and silly mistakes made along the way. There were many of them. Do not worry if you lack fancy degrees and/or work at a smaller firm. You can learn all the skills we applied in this step-by-step program. We will teach you to think like a partner and achieve significant impact both at your firm and clients. The strategy and how we implemented it is far more important.

This program focuses on the time period when he changed offices and joined as a senior associate. He had been at the previous office for 3 years and this was a critical time for him. 3 months after joining the new office he “forced” myself into leading the economic modeling stream on an operations engagement. In the space of 15 months you will learn how he anchored the effort to turn this into one of the firm’s most important clients worldwide, took over the client relationship, improved the overall firm and client, and was promoted 3 times to become a principal.

A key engagement conducted during this period was a major operations engagement that he converted into a strategy engagement and, thereafter, converted into multiple engagements at the same client. The client also excelled in the market and that helped. Those individual engagements will be covered in separate programs because they focus on the issues related to leading engagements versus turning around a practice, as covered here. Here he will focus on the backstory of how he was using this one client to drive a revival of the strategy practice in a few offices: a grander vision to revive the strategy practice and growth practice in one office, and eventually many weaker offices around the world.

Why a corporate strategy consultant chose an operations engagement to revive the strategy practice is counter-intuitive and worth understanding. Most importantly, you will learn how to make an impact at clients and leave them better off than when you first arrived. At the end of the day that is all that matters.

We are known for our detail and this program is no different.

This is the time period and engagement that MADE his career. While other engagements are important for other reasons, this is the one that put him on the radar of senior partners of the firm and demonstrated that he could not just lead an engagement but build the firm.

Like all our training programs, this will be incredibly focused on teaching you the underlying thinking skills we applied. And you will see that building a practice/office/firm can be done with a disciplined approach and a good strategy, which he will share here.[email protected]/9002740231/in/photolist-eHxp2a-dCUmz6-p5mtb3-vznYJ-6hoqtv-o5xSRr-dpgXSv-3Lk7-8uPnsC-jDXGTG-bEEcMy-ECzUf-aFcGdF-kGGiay-7b3TzW-cXxcKU-jN9pgX-e83jzG-GtE89G-ajFTZq-9wonxs-wXGNG-nhCqX-SiGFAq-avR4RP-58eiP3-6zebrA-74zhGV-9heVWW-mT568q-ef9dQv-dXNCo7-6rjKRE-j81AtZ-8aU9X3-8wMSM6-bcmJmD-8dnKUo-7YYVZx-r8p3ja-8woYb-33FVPE-aCA1Wr-7ykCjo-9cKADt-qteFmU-aCNjgm-rrAH75-3mrCU-6p3kKf
Image from Benjamin Canizales under cc by 2.0, cropped.

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Rebuilding a Consulting Practice