Succeeding as a Management Consultant

Succeeding as a Management Consultant

44 Episodes

You need to learn to manage a study like a McKinsey or BCG consultant, without having to work at the firm, and develop deep insights.

Now in its 10th year of publication, in its 2nd edition and having been used in over 150 countries, this book summarizes the teaching of the author and the eminent ex-McKinsey, BCG et al. partners who produce all our content on This is the companion guide to our popular book, The Strategy Journal.

Follow an engagement team as they assist a large company in diagnosing and fixing deep and persistent organizational issues over an 8-week assignment. Learn how they successfully navigate a challenging client environment, frame the problem and limit the scope, develop hypotheses, build the analyses and provide the final recommendations.

For the last 10 years you have seen us solve significant business problems and publish them on These include helping a bank enter the US market, merging IT companies, developing a digital strategy for a bank, launching an electric car business and more. This book summarizes the underlying process common to all those studies.

You will learn how to:
Define the problem statement.
Build a unique framework for the problem.
Prioritize the framework for analyses.
Develop hypotheses.
Prepare tests for the hypotheses.
Collect data for the tests.
Build a storyboard.

Yet, studies are about managing teams of consultants. This book shows you how to use the tools, and the soft skills, to manage the study and team:
Project charters
Project logic
Opportunity charts
Benefits charts
Top-down vs Bottom-up analyses
Focus interviews
Internal / Client project update meetings
Implementation Planning
Quick win development
Managing a client workshop

Written as a story running week by week, the book takes you into a study, as seen through the eyes of the business case leader. You can follow step-by-step as the team prepares for the study, all the way to the final report. You will be able to see the analyses produced and slides developed.

Clients who have used the book report:

Greater influence
Greater recognition
Rapid promotions
Faster projects
Deeper insights
A sense of purpose

Succeeding as a Management Consultant