TCO IV Assel Joins McKinsey

TCO IV Assel Joins McKinsey

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This program is recommended for ALL applicants from undergraduates to MBA, PhD and experienced hire professionals. We recommend ALL clients begin with TCO IV with Assel + EMBA case interview program (if you are an FC Insider). These 2 programs cover all the material quickly and comprehensively, and clients starting with them have shown better results.

We make history at McKinsey with Assel. Never before, to the best of our extensive knowledge, has anyone ever joined McKinsey, BCG or Bain after 5 years of not working/studying. Assel accomplished this feat. Before her leave, Assel had worked at an audit firm as an auditor (not a consultant) and had never worked at Bain, BCG nor McKinsey.

Assel came to us with this unique challenge: could we help her join McKinsey after 5 years of raising children? In addition, should she lower her sights, just to get back into the workforce, by first working as an executive assistant aka personal assistant at McKinsey? This is clearly a confidence issue.

Imagine if you had been out of the professional workforce for 5 years. You may have left to work at a non-profit, care for a loved one, travel around the world, take a part-time role or even just have taken time away from everything on an extended vacation. There are significant skills gaps to cover and it must be done quickly.

This TCO program covers the crucial areas of case interview preparation such as brainstorming, estimation, PEI, full cases, resume editing, etc. However, it goes further and addresses the particular challenges of interviewing with firms after a LOOONG time away from the professional workforce.

Those include:

Communication skills and networking
Appearance and image management
Learning ability: speed, age and focus
Leveraging experiences during unemployment
Accepting less pay and lower titles just to get in
Balancing your family/personal life and career
Planning your application, given your situation. What to do and what not to do
Confidence issues due to a prolonged stay away from the workforce

We can place a client like Assel into McKinsey because we use a proprietary teaching approach. We work on root cause issues. We still focus on the fundamental skills but the way we teach them is generally different between clients. We do not teach you frameworks, we teach you to build frameworks so you never have to memorize them and all our teaching is done by former partners. This is the 4th season of TCO and we have always placed a participant into McKinsey, BCG or Bain in every single season.

This is one of the most exciting seasons we have ever done because we had 3 weeks to do this. Not 3 months. Not 6 months. Not 1 year. We had 3 weeks to get Assel ready. Yet, we took on the challenge and were enormously successful. In the last call you will be able to listen to Assel talking through her interviews and how it worked.

TCO IV demonstrates the Firmsconsulting approach of accepting challenging assignments when it comes to dealing with clients. Because the more difficult the client situation the more we grow and the more it improves our ability to develop training to help FC members achieve their moonshot goals.

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TCO IV Assel Joins McKinsey