The 21-Day Programs

The 21-Day Programs

Like all our programs, 21 Day Programs are meant to teach you the strategies, tools and techniques we used with our most successful clients so you may apply it to your own career.

Each program is 10 episodes. This new format allows us to achieve 4 goals.

Taking into account the very busy schedules of Insiders, we want members to be able to finish the entire program in 21 days

We want members to apply what they learned from the program and start achieving results within 21 days (the recommended time to complete all 10 episodes). You need some results within 21 days to build your momentum and thereafter continue building on that success.

We want to focus on one powerful skill in each program so you can quickly notice an improvement if you follow the advice.

Each program uses a former executive coaching client as a case study to show you how other clients have implemented these skills.

All programs with the “21 Days” sign follow this format.

You may not know this, but while we have an enormous amount of case interview videos, podcasts, and articles, and continue to build that library, the largest part of FC & is the content for consultants, corporate employees, business owners, and government employees, guiding them in solving complex assignments to accelerate their careers and develop their organizations. Our programs are streamed in over 150 countries helping some of the world’s largest organizations along with many elite and many more boutique consulting firms.

The 21-Day Programs
  • Implementing The MasterPlan Program

    1 season

    "The MasterPlan Program" ( the 2nd most viewed program in the history of FIRMSconsulting. We summarize the critical skills and strategies we developed for our most successful executive coaching clients and give you a blueprint to signifi...

  • How to Develop Big Insights

    1 season

    Michael became a partner in his late 20s. You can follow every engagement and his detailed journey in “Partnership. Memoir” and “Rebuilding a Consulting Practice.” Among other strengths highly valued by clients, he was known as an insight partner and had a reputation for developing new ways to so...

  • How to Sell Like a Partner, While Facing Discrimination

    1 season

    Michael became a partner in his late 20s. To become a partner one needs to develop/sell a recurring book of business (sales) that is usually between $4MM / annum to $12MM / annum. This is the approach he used.

    The number above is a function of the firm, region and partner seniority.


  • How To Manage a Crisis

    1 season

    Our clients are always facing crises and catastrophes somewhere in the world. From the corona virus to earthquakes, wildfire evacuations and more. And they always write to us about their immediate plans to manage the situation. What we find is that they almost always take actions that damage thei...

  • The MasterPlan Program

    1 season

    We summarize the critical skills and strategies we developed for our most successful executive coaching clients and give you a blueprint to significantly alter your career.

    How did we train Andrew to go from senior manager to senior equity partner in 3 years? How did we build a multi-million d...

  • 4 21D IMP Overall process Part 2 4K

  • USA Green card: Leaving her H1B - Lisa's 1.4 yr Journey

    1 season

    We outline the detailed and counter-intuitive strategy, and steps taken to ensure Lisa obtained her US green card in an accelerated time frame: 1 year 4 months.

    We will talk you through the key documents used and teach you the thinking process to implement this strategy for yourself. For critica...

  • How to Reboot a Stalled Career

    1 season

    Bhavin was a 36 yr old EMBA graduate from a NE USA Top-10 program. He was on an H1B visa, with 2 kids and a wife. Having unsuccessfully pursued McKinsey during his studies, he joined the commercial division of a Bulge Bracket Bank. He believed he had “made it” when he eventually joined the bank’s...

  • How to Find Great Mentors

    1 season

    All the McKinsey, BCG et al partners hosting our programs talk about the incredibly important mentors who shaped their careers. It is a consistent theme. In “How to Become a McKinsey Partner. 1st Time Ever Revealed” Kevin says that progress to the partnership comes down to an apprenticeship model...

  • Replacing Income With Online Freelance Consulting

    1 season

    Our clients have skills. Yet, many have or will face unemployment shortly. And it is practically impossible for them to attend interviews, let alone find jobs. It is equally difficult, if not impossible, to do freelance consulting work since clients will not easily agree to bring consultants onto...

  • How to Find a Job During a Recession

    1 season

    The normal rules for being hired are out. We live in a world where traveling is virtually impossible, which places a pause on in-person interviews. Companies are retrenching employees in double-digit percentages and placing additional demands on employees who remain. Those remaining employees don...

  • Transform Your Professional Brand Through the Author Program

    1 season

    Learn more and see the application guidelines:
    Apply: email [email protected]

    This is a 10 episode program to help FC Insiders measurably, radically transform their careers through The Author Program.

    How would your career...

  • SI+ #1 Coal, oil and gas need the best minds

  • Strategy Insights+

    1 season

    Welcome to Strategy Insights+ for FIRMSconsulting Insiders, where we unpack big and important trends and themes of the week so you understand and have unique insights to think about problems, approach the world and your career in a different way, and have a bigger impact. It's not just about the ...

  • Getting Ahead Of The Recession

    1 season

    FIRMSconsulting Insider training prepares our clients for just this moment; to see the opportunity and lead in a recession. Yet, some clients may not always see the opportunity. They may act as if this storm will soon pass and they just need to weather it out. In this program we explain what is l...