The Consulting Offer I, Felix joins MBB Europe

The Consulting Offer I, Felix joins MBB Europe

3 Seasons

In The Consulting Offer watch former McKinsey et al senior partners mentor real candidates into the most elite consulting firms. Now in its sixth season!

Felix is a 27 year old Yale doctoral candidate in the sciences and originally from China. We were very impressed with her communication skills and believed she had a very compelling resume for her age. Felix was selected due to the triad of obstacles she was facing in pursuing a consulting career and was the “impossible candidate” to place. She was targeting the German offices and did not speak the local language, she had no significant past working experience and did not understand any of the major sectors in Germany. All of this, just at the time the German offices had prioritized applicants who were fluent in German!

To see what “good” looks like, Felix is the candidate to watch. Her learning rate, attitude, business judgement, humility and likability factors are all high. Her communication is strong and she even develops new/better ways to solve some cases. Felix would pass a McKinsey or BCG final round case.

Advantages: Enormous work ethic. Pleasant personality. Exceptional business judgement. Quick to understand and use feedback. Takes advice and acts on it quickly.

Opportunities: Chasing a tough office. Lots of “balls in the air” w.r.t to personal, academic and working activities. Should always remember how good a profile she has.

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The Consulting Offer I, Felix joins MBB Europe