The Consulting Offer I, Sanjeev joins BCG Asia

The Consulting Offer I, Sanjeev joins BCG Asia

6 Seasons

In The Consulting Offer watch former McKinsey et al senior partners mentor real candidates into the most elite consulting firms. Across 4 seasons, the program has never failed to place a participant.

Sanjeev , who eventually joined BCG Asia, is a 27 year old IESE Business School MBA candidate. He is also an experienced-hire. Based in India he is trying to pursue a career in South Africa, Singapore, Dubai or Australia – a very difficult proposition for Indian-based candidates. We selected Sanjeev due to his commitment, drive and focus on oil and gas. The main obstacle for Sanjeev was that he felt everything could be planned before he did it. This led to lots of delays and a hesitation to learn by experimentation, which is a key element of building a networking strategy.

Sanjeev was not close to Felix on performance. There was a significant gap which grew from session 14 onward. If Sanjeev could have followed the networking advice more closely and focused on just the top 3 development areas, he would have been exceptional. He eventually succeeded, but this gap delayed him significantly.

Advantages: Very young with a good track record and history of responsibility. Disciplined candidate who prepares well. In-demand sector “specialization.”

Opportunities: Internalizing and acting on feedback

The Consulting Offer I, Sanjeev joins BCG Asia

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  • 1 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 1, Resume - Profile - Office Strategy

    Episode 4

    Session 1: Calibration Call and Resume

    Although we use the name Samantha below, Felix, Sanjeev and Rafik went through the same program.

    In her first session, a 60 minute calibration session, Samantha is provided no warning about what to expect. We want to see how she really thinks, especial...

  • 2 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 2, Resume - Profile - Office Strategy

    Episode 5

    Session 2: Starting to Rewrite the Resume

    A coach needs to know his/her student. That is why we start with the resume. By asking careful questions about every part of the resume, and we mean every part, not only can we write the resume to build the profile we want to create of the candidate, b...

  • 3 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 3, Resume - Profile - Office Strategy

    Episode 6

    Session 3: More work on the Resume & Office Strategy

    Samantha has now translated her resume into an understandable, quantitative and elegant format. It reads in a crisp and straightforward way which anyone will understand, especially those who have no experience in her background, and into an ...

  • 4 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 4, Resume - Profile - Office Strategy - Cover Letter - Energy Offices

    Episode 7

    Session 4: More work on the Resume and the Cover Letter

    Now that we know Samantha remarkably well through the process of extensively rewriting her resume, we will have her update her LinkedIn profile and begin her cover letter. Although we prefer to complete the cover letter before beginning t...

  • 5 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 5, Estimation and Math cases

    Episode 8

    Session 5: Estimation Questions

    You cannot pass a McKinsey, BCG or Bain case unless you can brainstorm. Although, you may never receive an isolated/explicit brainstorming case, the skill is needed to identify drivers and build out an analyses structure, without the need to memorize frameworks....

  • 6 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 6, Brainstorming and Math cases

    Episode 9

    Session 6: Brainstorming

    This is easily the most important session of the training.

    Building off the estimation approach, we now move to brainstorming. You should think of brainstorming as an equation from the estimation cases, but an equation with more than one branch. Like an equation wit...

  • 6.1 The Consulting Offer, Season I, Sanjeev's Session 6 Special Session Video to Discuss Brainsotrming and Estimation Cases

    Episode 10

  • 7 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 7, Simple BCG Profit cases

    Episode 11

    Session 7: Profitability Cases – BCG Approach

    In each training session, from this day onward, we will do a brainstorming case, estimation case and full case.

    It is vital to layer case difficulty.

    Why would this be an important teaching strategy? If we gave the candidate a complex deregul...

  • 8 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 8, Simple BCG Profit Volume cases

    Episode 12

    Session 8: Volume Cases

    Samantha must now be able to handle all types of simple estimation cases and all types of brainstorming cases. The technique she has learnt for full cases can also be applied across all types of full BCG-type cases, and we want to see her do just this.

    We want to see...

  • 9 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 9, Open-ended debrief call

    Episode 13

    Session 9: Debrief

    No matter how many times we implore a candidate to ask questions or to simply ask for advice, being under pressure to learn as much as possible, they struggle to do this in the coaching sessions. To rectify this we regularly set up debriefing sessions which have no agenda.

  • 10 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 10, Communication and Image

    Episode 14

    Session 10: Communication Fundamentals

    In this session, we deliberately use incendiary questions to see how candidates respond to racial, gender, ethnic, political etc. discrimination.

    By this stage of the coaching Samantha would have clearly seen that effective communication leads to bette...

  • 11 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 11, Complex BCG Market Entry amd Complex Estimation cases

    Episode 15

    Session 11: Realistic Estimation Cases & Data Cases

    Here we teach candidates how to solve demand-driven estimation cases from the supply-side, when the demand approach is too difficult to use, and vice versa, as well as estimations for enclosed spaces, for small spaces, multiple equations etc....

  • 12 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 12, McKinsey Interviewer-led Complex Profit cases

    Episode 16

    Session 12: Market Entry Cases & Strategy Cases

    When teaching market entry cases, we keep Bain in mind, since their approach, heavily influenced by their PE work, is the most comprehensive and realistic for acquisitions to enter a new market. The approach we teach here can be used to tackle an...

  • 13 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 13, McKinsey Operations and Answer-first cases

    Episode 17

    Session 13: Operations Cases, Pivoting to the McKinsey Approach, Mid-Point Feedback & Unstructured/trend cases

    All cases done from this session onward to the end are done in the McKinsey-approach and the answer-first approach. This is a tough session which builds on the techniques taught earli...

  • 14 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 14, McKinsey Competition cases

    Episode 18

    Session 14: Competition Strategy Cases & Content Traps

    Congratulations to the final 2 candidates who make it past session 13.

    Special congratulations to the candidate who now will be coached by Michael Boricki, ex-big 3 strategy principal, and mentored by the former-McKinsey director and wo...

  • 15 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 15, McKinsey Basic Profit Issues in Banking

    Episode 19

    Session 15: Complex Profitability Cases

    Samantha should now be able to handle any estimation or brainstorming case we throw at her. Moreover, by focusing on her technique and not her speed, she should be faster since speed is an outcome of using the right techniques.

    No one is trying to be ...

  • 16 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 16, McKinsey Pricing cases

    Episode 20

    Session 16: Pricing Cases

    There is no framework for pricing, but there is a simple way to approach pricing problems.

    Candidates are too often, incorrectly, taught that there are just 4 pricing strategies: product-based, cost-based, market-based or competition-based. In reality, there are a ...

  • 17 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 17, McKinsey Complex Strategy Cases, Deregulation

    Episode 21

    Session 17: Deregulation Cases

    If consulting cases would be grouped into seasons, deregulation cases would be Halloween – they scare everyone!

    We use deregulation cases to show candidates that just because something appears intimidating, it does not mean it should always have fancy structur...

  • 18 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 18, McKinsey cases

    Episode 22

    Session 18: Fit/PEI

    While fit is done in this session, we expect candidates to have prepared adequately leading up to this session by listening to podcasts 58-65, listening to other podcasts, leading samples, collecting our feedback, loading more samples etc. If a candidate does poorly here it...

  • 19 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 19, McKinsey Complex Strategy Cases, Deregulation

    Episode 23

    Session 19: Random Full Case & Random Drills

    Candidates should now be in the interview process and/or practicing with colleagues. The candidate needs to be become skilled at applying the case techniques with as many different interview styles as possible. They should be practicing and networki...

  • 20 Case Coaching Video, Sanjeev Session 20, McKinsey Investment cases

    Episode 24

    Session 20: Energy, Conciseness, Brainstorming, Communication & Objective Functions

    The five areas highlighted listed above are the most important areas the remaining candidates need to focus on. We find the development areas are split neatly down the middle.

    • Felix needs to focus on not w...