The Consulting Offer I, Sanjeev joins BCG Asia

The Consulting Offer I, Sanjeev joins BCG Asia

6 Seasons

In The Consulting Offer watch former McKinsey et al senior partners mentor real candidates into the most elite consulting firms. Across 4 seasons, the program has never failed to place a participant.

Sanjeev , who eventually joined BCG Asia, is a 27 year old IESE Business School MBA candidate. He is also an experienced-hire. Based in India he is trying to pursue a career in South Africa, Singapore, Dubai or Australia – a very difficult proposition for Indian-based candidates. We selected Sanjeev due to his commitment, drive and focus on oil and gas. The main obstacle for Sanjeev was that he felt everything could be planned before he did it. This led to lots of delays and a hesitation to learn by experimentation, which is a key element of building a networking strategy.

Sanjeev was not close to Felix on performance. There was a significant gap which grew from session 14 onward. If Sanjeev could have followed the networking advice more closely and focused on just the top 3 development areas, he would have been exceptional. He eventually succeeded, but this gap delayed him significantly.

Advantages: Very young with a good track record and history of responsibility. Disciplined candidate who prepares well. In-demand sector “specialization.”

Opportunities: Internalizing and acting on feedback

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The Consulting Offer I, Sanjeev joins BCG Asia