USA vs CA/AU/UK Residency/Citizenship

USA vs CA/AU/UK Residency/Citizenship

We outline the detailed and counter-intuitive strategy and steps taken to ensure Lisa obtained her US green card in an accelerated time frame: 1yr 4 months.

This is the first part of the program "McKinsey to Private Equity" though the advice applies to all our clients irrespective of their career plans. We use the same approach for all clients.

We will show you the documents used, talk you through them and teach you the thinking process to develop your own citizenship strategy. A SIGNIFICANT part of this program is teaching members how to manage discrimination and prejudice.

In our experience many immigration lawyers for our clients simply followed the most basic/popular application path, even when there are faster options available or the basic path cannot work. They worked on a “volume” business and did not take the time to develop creative strategies.

This was initially the case with Lisa. Seeing the poor immigration advice Lisa was receiving, we took over and developed a completely new strategy to legally allow her to stay and work in the USA. We show Lisa how to do things very early in her studies that are both an asset to her residency application AND to her career. This is critical difference in our planning. We specifically want her to avoid the H1B process. We are very strategic in getting her to undertake initiatives with this goal in mind versus having her scramble during the residency/work application process when it is too late to materially change anything. This program will indicate that the fastest path to US residency is sometimes NOT to directly go after the US. Sometimes you have to take 3 steps back to go 10 steps forward and get there faster than others. This is the strategy we mapped out for Lisa and it worked.

The majority of our clients are trying to obtain residency/citizenship in the USA, Canada and/or Australia. To a lesser extent they also target the UAE, UK, Singapore, New Zealand and South Africa. The different visa categories, rules, conditions and restrictions makes the process challenging. In our experience, most clients choose the most popular path versus the best path for them. In some cases, like Lisa, we have managed the entire process for clients to avoid these problems. This series takes those detailed lessons and explains all the options available to applicants and the step-by-step journey towards citizenship.

We help Lisa to determine where to apply for residency/citizenship: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Singapore or South Africa (the only major English speaking economies besides India) to guarantee she never has to return home, stays in the west AND accelerates her approval for residency/citizenship in the USA.

This program will explain the steps taken: counter-intuitive citizenship strategy, application documents, data needed, documentation completion steps, interview process etc. We will also explain why we eliminated the regions we chose not to pursue for Lisa. While we will cover her process in great detail, the program will also draw on the experiences of other clients for whom we have led their visa, residency and citizenship applications.[email protected]/14987994020/in/photostream/
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USA vs CA/AU/UK Residency/Citizenship