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A welcome video from Kris Safarova, the Founder and CEO of StrategyTraining and FIRMSconsulting.

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How to Get Breakthrough Results with StrategyTraining

This program explains the tips, tactics, and strategies we teach our best-performing clients to get the most from Please watch this program BEFORE watching all of our other programs. Click here to watch the full program for free.

How to Get Breakthrough Results with Strategy Control Room

This program explains the tips, tactics, and strategies we teach our best-performing clients to get the most from Strategy Control Room which consist of successful >$1MM consulting studies and programs. Click here to watch all the episodes for free.


Health. Wealth. Relationships. Life's work.

Could you manage a turnaround of your life on all key four fronts simultaneously?

In this real-time program, with episodes recorded and released as events happen, Michael shares the strategies he is using to reboot his life for a better future than his past. 

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