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Kristina Safarova

Los Angeles, CA, United States


Feb 21 at 10:27 PM


Feb 11 at 06:31 AM

Every client we ever had gets to a point where they have to convince others - peers, subordinates, and their managers - to do things for them. They have to convince people 1:1 and as a group. And the thing we have seen with most of our clients is that even though they accelerate and do pretty well when they're young and they deploy technical skills, at a certain point unless they learn change management, influence, and persuasion skills, they can't operate as leaders.

Why it matters?

  • You must be able to convince others to act.

  • Creating flexible, responsive organizations.

  • Finding and developing creative, innovative people.

  • Building and leveraging intellectual capital.

  • Encouraging and managing continuous change.

Given how big of a topic Change Management is for our clients, we created a Center of Excellence within the Strategy Control Room (within Advanced Level membership) and released 2 significant Batches of materials within the Change Management Center of Excellence:

Our Best Thinking on Change Management - 1,078 SLIDES (Batch 1)


Full Change Management Study - 1,267 SLIDES (Batch 2)


2,345 SLIDES

  • Batch 1 is our best practice for change management.

  • Batch 2 is an actual project, showing you how we used the theory from Batch 1 to deliver a Change Management program to a client.

That's a big thing. That's why we have Centers of Excellence:

We show you a theory and we show an example.


1. Log in to The Strategy Control Room, Advanced Level membership area.

2. See the "CENTER OF EXCELLENCE" dropdown.

3. Select "Change Management Influence/Gravitas (Batch 1)" and "Change Management Influence/Gravitas (Batch 2)".

4. Once you select a particular Batch, for example Batch 1, you will see it is broken down into multiple parts. And each part has multiple documents within that subsection. For example, Batch 1 has 10 subsections. And each subsection has multiple documents within it.

If you are The Strategy Control Room, Advanced Level, member, here is the direct link to this particular update (1,267 + 1,078 = 2,345 SLIDES).

If you joined at an Advanced Level of the Strategy Control Room today, you would find:

  • Michael's explanation slides for selected programs on

  • 9 full engagements

  • Change Management Influence & Persuasion Center of Excellence (2,345 SLIDES)

  • 31 proposals

  • Flipcharts

  • Layout guides

  • 17 strategy and problem-solving books which we do not make available anywhere else

  • 2 brand new strategy and problem-solving books just released and not available anywhere else

  • 11 book drafts never before available and not available anywhere else

  • Case interview materials for Felix, Rafik, Samantha, and Sanjeev, case interview exhibits, case interview solutions

  • The evolution of corporate strategy

  • The business case toolkit

  • Implementation and operation toolkit

  • Corporate strategy toolkit

  • Strategy maps

  • And more

Learn about the Strategy Control Room


Feb 08 at 07:24 PM

Part 3: An exciting new way to solve complex business problems

Jan 31 at 10:56 AM

The current updates on this program are truly eye-opening. They teach some of the most powerful techniques we have developed for clients.


Jan 29 at 06:49 PM

Part 2: Software engineering business cases are wildly misleading


Jan 01 at 06:32 PM

Part 1: Can you identify the problem and, if so, how would you analyze it?

Dec 27 at 12:37 PM

We are releasing a lot of new content in 2024 to 2026. Future episodes of new programs will be released as they are prepared and edited.


Dec 26 at 01:30 PM

Commented on post was deleted

Dec 11 at 12:53 PM

Please write to so we can help you understand why you cannot access the programs. Since you have left no contact details we cannot directly email you. We will delete this comment. We have several access levels and we would like to see which you belong to.


Dec 06 at 09:28 PM

Innovating an Industrial Giant Part 2: Psychological Reasons Why Talented People Fail