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October 25, 2023

$42 million in fees for one engagement.

Today we begin the second part of Andrew’s journey…

This is not a continuation of the first program. We will not be selling more innovation programs. After our stunning success in reviving Andrew's career, he elected to work alone and wrecked his career through a series of poor decisions based on poor judgment. In this program, we come in but decide to go for something much bigger: a way to reinvent his firm such that they are not dependent on lumpy once-off non-recurring advisory revenue. This is one of the most important results we have ever achieved with a client. 

From the team behind How to Sell >$10MM Consulting Studies — join us as we help Andrew reboot his failing career, for the second time. 

Premiered on on October 15th.

Here are some of the pivotal moments in the program that ultimately led to $42 million in fees: 

  • We teach Andrew a process to sell very large studies by significantly cutting the time to build trust with senior clients and increasing the number of senior clients he could reach. (This is different from the approach we teach in The Consulting Sales Rainmaker Program (CSRP). CSRP is a superior process. Done correctly, this process generates much larger sales in the short term, but cannot work in the long term. That is why we have CSRP.)

  • We redefine innovation which opens up a new type of work, for a previously ignored class of clients, and allows Andrew's firm to acquire assets that appreciate over time. A significant change in their business model and fee structure.

  • Developing streams of income from the project fees that are recurring and semi-passive. That, in itself, is a form of business model innovation. The problem with consulting studies is they usually result in no asset for the firm, and no form of recurring income. They are essentially one-and-done, and the sales process needs to start all over again. We worked very hard to move Andrew and his firm away from this model.

Due to client confidentiality, as always, we have altered some of the details. 

We have released the first 
25 episodes.

the first three episodes, I interviewed Michael about this program: the behind-the-scenes issues, strategies, and tactics. This 3-part series is divided into Person, Assets, And Problem and is temporarily unlocked for everyone. And Insiders and Legacy members have immediate access to all 25 episodes. 

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