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October 15, 2023

One of our Legacy and Strategy Control Room members recently emailed me that going through our reading materials is "among my favorite things to do on Saturday!" This is how we envisioned our members would use the Strategy Control Room. Going over it when they have time to sit back and read something insightful and different so they can gain an edge in current projects they are involved in and expand the way they think about a particular problem or opportunity.

If you have time to invest in reading this weekend and are unsure what to focus on, here is a brand new book I recommend you work through. You can find it under book drafts as part of The Strategy Control Room, Advanced Level. This book was never published outside The Strategy Control room.


Corporate strategy studies are typically complex. For a company with assets and people across multiple geographies, integrated value chains, and product lines across sectors, it can be hard to see the overall approach to analyze the business and develop the strategy. In part 1 of The Corporate Strategy Journal, we want to help you understand how we structured and ran this particular engagement so you can do the same. This is followed by part 2, where you can see the sample output.

If you were waiting for this journal to become available, now is the time to access it as part of the Strategy Control Room, Advanced Level. If you joined at an Advanced level of the Strategy Control Room today, you would find:

  • Michael's explanation slides for selected programs on

  • 9 full engagements

  • 31 proposals

  • Flipcharts

  • Layout guides

  • 17 strategy and problem-solving books which we do not make available anywhere else

  • 2 brand new strategy and problem-solving books just released and not available anywhere else

  • 11 book drafts never before available and not available anywhere else

  • Case interview materials for Felix, Rafik, Samantha, and Sanjeev, case interview exhibits, case interview solutions

  • The evolution of corporate strategy

  • The business case toolkit

  • Implementation and operation toolkit

  • Corporate strategy toolkit

  • Strategy maps

  • And more 

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